AAG Press Release 5-22-13


Phoenix, Arizona, USA
 (May 22, 2013) –Arizona based Airworthy AutoGas, LLC announced today that it plans to produce and distribute Airworthy AutoGas, a high purity, low vapor pressure, ethanol-free, 93 octane, premium unleaded automotive gasoline, beginning in the Fall of 2013.

“A growing number of General Aviation aircraft do not require 100LL AVGAS, or a 100 octane unleaded drop-in replacement. That, coupled with the scarcity of suitable ethanol-free automotive gasoline in the marketplace resulted in the development of Airworthy AutoGas,” said Mark Ellery, Airworthy’s Director of Business Development.  “Bringing Airworthy AutoGas to the marketplace provides an alternative for the majority of General Aviation aircraft without compromising airworthiness.  Our goal is to get pilots flying more for less,” Ellery added.

In recent years, the hazards associated with lead-containing aviation gasoline have been clearly demonstrated, and the FAA, in coordination with U.S. EPA, is taking the necessary steps toward eliminating, or at least reducing, lead in aviation gasoline; without compromising airworthiness. This activity, the elusive development of a drop-in replacement for 100LL AVGAS, has raised fundamental concerns about the future of fueling General Aviation aircraft.

Further, ethanol-free automotive gasoline was once widely available, and a safe and cost effective alternative to 100LL AVGAS for many aviators; however, automotive gasoline formulations have changed dramatically in recent years.  More stringent national air quality and renewable fuel regulations have resulted in a dramatic increase in the use of ethanol as an emissions reducing oxygenate; this combined with inconsistent volatility characteristics between seasons, regions and geographies can make traditional automotive gasoline unsuitable in aircraft and potentially compromise airworthiness.

The quality of the fuel that General Aviation customers put in their tanks should be controlled for aviation use, because fuel characteristics affect engine and aircraft performance.  Airworthy AutoGas accomplishes this by means of a patent pending formulation that meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM D4814, Lycoming Engine’s SI-1070 “S” specifications and the numerous EAA and Peterson Aviation Supplemental Type Certificates (STC).

Airworthy AutoGas, LLC, is a petroleum products blender and distributor dedicated to providing the highest quality gasoline, promoting General Aviation, and making flying more affordable.




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