AutoGas STC’s

An AutoGas Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) is the necessary certification, and official FAA approval, for use of automotive gasoline, such as Airworthy AutoGas, in a given aircraft and powerplant.


While the acquisition and use of an AutoGas STC may very well result in Significant Savings on Fuel, many pilots report that their airplanes run better on AutoGas, as the lead contained within 100LL contributes to a host of problems, including fouled plugs and sticking valves; meaning, the switch to AutoGas also translates directly to reduced aircraft maintenance costs. Further, many pilots are switching to AutoGas simply due to an increasingly limited supply of 100LL.

Over 35,000 airplanes worldwide have been using Petersen AutoGas STCs which clearly demonstrates the suitability of AutoGas for general aviation aircraft.  And, most countries accept US AutoGas STCs or approve them in conjunction with local Flight Manual Supplements.

To learn more about AutoGas STC’s, and to determine if your airframe and powerplant are compatable for use of AutoGas, visit Peterson Aviation by clicking the icon below:


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