Airworthy AutoGas

Airworthy AutoGas, LLC was formed by several forward thinking individuals, each with years of experience in various downstream sectors of the petroleum industry, who, in light of the adverse health impacts to humans and the environment from exposure to lead, and imminent phase-out of 100LL AVGAS, saw the need for a readily available, cost effective, and high quality unleaded gasoline for use in the vast majority of aircraft in the General Aviation fleet.

Airworthy AutoGas is a patent pending, ethanol-free, 93 octane premium unleaded automotive gasoline formulation with volatility characteristics that are optimized for use in aviation.

The fuel that General Aviation customers put in their tanks should be designed for aviation use, as fuel characteristics, particularly volatility, affect engine and aircraft performance.  Airworthy AutoGas accomplishes this by uniquely meeting the requirements of ASTM D4814 and the more specific requirements set forth within Lycoming Engines SI-1070 “S”.

                                    Airworthy AutoGas is Airworthy by Design, not by Chance.